This page includes a list of projects for which we are currently taking submissions, as well as general manuscript formatting and submitting instructions. If you are planning to submit something to us, please format your manuscript as detailed below, but please be sure also to click over to the individual page for the project you’re interested in to view the full author guidelines.

Current Projects

Title Goes Here:

Title Goes Here: is a print magazine of dark, imaginative fiction. We are closed to fiction submissions for our 2011 publication year, although we do consider art submissions year-round.  Complete writers’ guidelines are available on the separate TGH website. Click here or visit

Etched Offerings: Voices From the Cauldron of Story

Etched Offerings is a Pagan-spirituality themed short fiction anthology, planned for publication in Fall 2011. We have recently reopened to submissions, and will close again on April 30th, 2011.  Click here for full guidelines.

Novel s, Novellas, Single-Author Short Fiction Collections

We are not currently accepting any novel, novella, or single-author collection submissions or queries at this time. When we are, though, that information will be posted right here!

General Manuscript Formatting

Word count, payment, terms, email subject line formatting, and email address will vary by project.  Individual project guidelines pages also detail exactly what we are (and aren’t) looking for for each project. Be sure to check out the individual guidelines page for the project you’re submitting to in addition to these formatting instructions.

Please be sure, also, that you are submitting for a specific project or call. General submissions not specifically for a project we’re reading for will not be reviewed.

Now, with the disclaimers out of the way, the following is Misanthrope Press’s standard, preferred manuscript format:

  • Double spaced
  • We prefer Courier New font, 12 pt, but we don’t mind any plain, clearly readable font.
  • Italics for italics, bold for bold, underline for underline. Please do not use markup language or other typewriter queues for these things (such as underlining to indicate italicized text.) Along these same lines, please only use italics, bold, and underline for text you actually intend to appear that way in a published work.
  • Include author name, title, and page number in the header of every page.
  • We can accept .doc, .docx, or .rtf formats. We do not accept .pdf’s; any .pdf received will be returned unread.
  • Submissions should all be sent as email attachments.

The above bullet points are the only standard, unchanging factors. We’re really not picky about format as long as we can read it clearly and manipulate the text and formatting in Word. Be sure to read the guidelines for the project you’re submitting for, however, in case there are additional specifics listed for your manuscript–sometimes there are.

The only other thing we ask is that you please check your files before sending. If you’re unsure about your word processing program, have someone familiar with it help you, or try sending a test email to someone on another computer to make sure it comes through right. We hate to reject work simply because we can’t read it, but it’s happened. Don’t let it happen to you!

What to Expect After Submitting

Be sure to read the guidelines page for the project you’re submitting to carefully, as each one may (and probably will) have different specifics. That said, here are a few general items that apply to all of our projects unless clearly stated otherwise on the individual project page:

1. Alleviating as much of the stress of the submissions process as possible is something we strive for. One way we attempt to achieve this is by carefully confirming every submission as promptly as possible. You will first receive an auto-responder confirming that your submission has made it to our inbox. After that, you will most likely receive a second, personal, confirmation from one of our editors within two weeks. See the individual guidelines page for your project for details on what to expect regarding the second confirmation. If you do not receive either the auto-responder or the personal confirmation within the stated timeframe, PLEASE QUERY. We check our submissions very regularly; if you have not received a confirmation, odds are your submission did not make it through to us.

2. None of our projects are handled on an “until filled” basis. Each project has a stated submissions period, followed by a stated reading period. Each guidelines page will include a set date by which all responses will be sent. As a matter of policy, we do not send any acceptances until all submissions for a particular project have been received and reviwed. This is both in fairness to those who submit closer to the end of the submissions period, as well as to ensure the highest quality publications possible. Because of this, once you have received a personal confirmation from an editor that your work is in review, please DO NOT QUERY FOR STATUS unless the stated response date has passed. The only things we send early are rejections–no news is good news at Misanthrope Press!

3. Please do not submit a piece to us until you are confident that it is your best work and is ready for review by a publisher. Once a submission has been received and confirmed, we will not replace it with a revised version of the same story submitted at a later date. We may request rewrites as a condition of acceptance on very rare occasions, but please do not send us unsolicited revisions or rewrites, as they will not be considered.

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